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Revolutionary Large Language Model Operations [LLM Ops] Capability on AWS 

December 28th, 2023

DiscoverCloud a leader in artificial intelligence infrastructure operations, today announced the launch of its Large Language Model Operations (LLM Ops) capability on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The capability enables companies to easily deploy, monitor, scale, and optimize large language models in the cloud. 

As AI continues to transform businesses, large language models like AWS’ Bedrock for multiple models like Anthropic Claude, Stability AI’s Stable Diffusions XL, Meta’s LLama2, OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s PaLM have emerged as breakthrough technologies. However, running these powerful models in production presents immense infrastructure and operations challenges. DiscoverCloud’s LLM Ops capabilities tackles these problems head-on with its suite of management tools tailored specifically for large language models along with the expertise of managing the applications inferring with LLMs at scale.

We built our LLM Ops capabilities from the ground up to solve the complex problems companies face when putting large language models into production. With our optimized model serving, automated monitoring, efficient scaling, comprehensive Retrieval Augmented Generation solution guidance, scaled vector data store guidance, companies can focus on building amazing AI applications instead of wrestling with infrastructure.

Key capabilities and benefits of LLM Ops on AWS offerings include:

  • Optimized Model Serving – Low latency queries with auto-scaling compute for cost efficiency either via Amazon SageMaker or Amazon Bedrock
  • Automated Monitoring – Track model stability and data drift to detect potential issues within Amazon SageMaker 
  • Establishing Guardrails – Using Opensource Guardrails frameworks like Nemo and Guardrails on Amazon Bedrock
  • Vector Store Selection – guidance on best suited vector data store for the enterprise and integrating ingestion as part of the LLM Ops pipeline
  • Model Evaluation (Preview) – Know the best suited model for accuracy, robustness and toxicity using Amazon Bedrock
  • Easy Scaling – Add and remove model servers on Amazon SageMaker to match usage needs 
  • Advanced Cost Analytics – Granular visibility into recurring and incremental costs using Trekora
  • Model Governance – Tools for access control, query filtering, and output verification on Amazon SageMaker
  • Tight AWS Integrations – Leverage AWS capabilities like API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, EKS, CloudWatch and many more

The company already counts some of its early adopters. “Since adopting DiscoverCloud’s LLM Ops Framework, we’ve reduced our language model hosting costs by 30% while also improving model uptime to 99.95%,” said 

 “The cloud landscape is intricate, and businesses often find themselves overwhelmed. With the DiscoverCloud Portal and our trio of accelerators, supported by expert managed services, we aim to de-risk and accelerate the cloud journey for businesses, ensuring they spend more time innovating and less time navigating cloud intricacies.” 
                                                                                                                                                                              – Verastel Spark

With solutions tailored specifically to meet the requirements of today’s largest language models, DiscoverCloud is leading the way on LLM Ops.

About DiscoverCloud

DiscoverCloud is a groundbreaking platform designed to transform how businesses handle and optimize their cloud infrastructure. At its core, DiscoverCloud’s managed services aim to simplify the intricate world of cloud management, backed by a team of seasoned experts. The platform serves as an intelligent guide, helping businesses navigate through the complexities of cloud operations. 

By offering a clear view and control over various aspects of cloud management, including Cloud Control, Operations, and Economic Planes, DiscoverCloud ensures that businesses can focus on their primary goals without getting bogged down by the technicalities. Beyond just management, DiscoverCloud is also a catalyst for innovation. With its proprietary accelerators and strategic collaborations with leading cloud providers, the platform empowers businesses to modernize their cloud ecosystems. This means our clients are not only equipped to manage their current cloud infrastructure but also receive expert guidance for adapting and thriving in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Prathyusha Venigandla CAO at Eficens Systems

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