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September 20th, 2023

In a significant stride towards simplifying cloud complexities, DiscoverCloud by Eficens Systems announces the official launch of its state-of-the-art platform, the DiscoverCloud Portal. Designed to act as an intelligent co-pilot for businesses, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for advanced cloud management, cost optimization, and a roadmap for innovation. What truly sets DiscoverCloud apart is that these tools are complemented by specialized managed services, steeped in the company’s deep experience managing complex cloud environments for enterprises.

Trekora, Traversa ans SAPAssist

DiscoverCloud’s unique offerings include proprietary accelerators like Trekora for in-depth cost insights, Traverse for efficient workload discovery, and SAPAssist for seamless SAP migrations. These tools, alongside DiscoverCloud’s managed services backed by a team of seasoned cloud experts, are positioning DiscoverCloud as a game-changer in the cloud management landscape.

 “The cloud landscape is intricate, and businesses often find themselves overwhelmed. With the DiscoverCloud Portal and our trio of accelerators, supported by expert managed services, we aim to de-risk and accelerate the cloud journey for businesses, ensuring they spend more time innovating and less time navigating cloud intricacies.” 

DiscoverCloud’s managed services are powered by accelerators built from real-world experience managing cloud ecosystems for some of the world’s largest enterprises. This enables us to not just offer tools, but also the expertise and advice that businesses need to truly thrive in a complex cloud environment.

Looking ahead, DiscoverCloud is committed to continuous innovation, both in expanding the array of services offered through the DiscoverCloud Portal and in refining our managed services. The platform’s holistic design is a testament to its understanding of the diverse needs of today’s tech leaders. 

By coupling our industry-leading tools with our expert managed services, we offer a comprehensive solution that addresses not only the immediate technical challenges but also facilitates long-term strategic business innovation. Our offerings cater to the needs of IT decision-makers, CTOs, CFOs, and cloud architects alike. 

About DiscoverCloud

DiscoverCloud is a groundbreaking platform designed to transform how businesses handle and optimize their cloud infrastructure. At its core, DiscoverCloud’s managed services aim to simplify the intricate world of cloud management, backed by a team of seasoned experts. The platform serves as an intelligent guide, helping businesses navigate through the complexities of cloud operations. 

By offering a clear view and control over various aspects of cloud management, including Cloud Control, Operations, and Economic Planes, DiscoverCloud ensures that businesses can focus on their primary goals without getting bogged down by the technicalities. Beyond just management, DiscoverCloud is also a catalyst for innovation. With its proprietary accelerators and strategic collaborations with leading cloud providers, the platform empowers businesses to modernize their cloud ecosystems. This means our clients are not only equipped to manage their current cloud infrastructure but also receive expert guidance for adapting and thriving in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Prathyusha Venigandla CAO at Eficens Systems

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Prathyusha Venigandla

CAO at Eficens Systems

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