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Eficens Systems Announces

Comprehensive Cloud Management
Solutions Running on AWS

5th October, 2023, Atlanta, GA

DiscoverCloud, an Eficens Company, a leader in cloud management solutions, is thrilled to announce a suite of offerings designed to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging state-of-the-art accelerators, these solutions are engineered to streamline cloud operations, optimize costs, and enhance security. The announcement reaffirms DiscoverCloud’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and innovative solutions to its customers.

Service Innovations with Accelerators

DiscoverCloud’s offerings, enhanced by proprietary accelerators, span across Managed FinOps, Managed Cloud, and Cloud Innovation & Modernization—all optimized for AWS:

Managed FinOps

Utilizing our FinOps Accelerator, this service allows businesses to achieve transparent & cost-effective cloud financial management.

Managed Cloud

With our CloudOps Accelerator, this package ensures all-inclusive cloud resource management, featuring 24/7 monitoring, backup management, & automatic recovery.

Cloud Innovation & Modernization

Our Innovation Accelerator speeds up your transition to future-ready applications and effective data strategies.

 “Through our work with AWS, we’ve expanded our capabilities to offer unparalleled cloud management services. This allows us to empower our customers to focus not just on cloud strategy, but on business strategy,” said Sanjeev, CEO at Eficens Systems.” 

Customer-Centric Approach
The solutions take a customer-first approach, emphasizing flexibility, scalability, and leveraging the security of running on AWS.

Working Together for Customer Success
DiscoverCloud and AWS are working together to accelerate the modernization leveraging cloud services, enabling businesses to seamlessly transition from their existing on-premises environments to a more efficient and scalable AWS infrastructure.

About DiscoverCloud

DiscoverCloud specializes in comprehensive cloud management solutions, enriched by innovative accelerators, to deliver efficiency, security, and cost optimization. From financial operations to broad spectrum cloud management, DiscoverCloud is your partner in enabling exceptional cloud services.

Prathyusha Venigandla CAO at Eficens Systems

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Prathyusha Venigandla

CAO at Eficens Systems

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