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Empower your Boston-based business to thrive in the digital age with DiscoverCloud’s innovative accelerators, comprehensive Managed Services, and expert Cloud Consulting Services in Boston

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    As a leading provider of Cloud Services in Boston, DiscoverCloud is dedicated to transforming your business’s digital trajectory. We offer a suite of services and tools that promise cost efficiency, scalability, and optimized cloud processes to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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    Our spectrum of services encompasses everything from cloud-managed services to bespoke consulting and migration solutions, designed to help you harness the full power of the cloud and propel your business to new heights of growth and efficiency

    Boston Cloud Managed Services

    At DiscoverCloud, we provide Boston-based businesses with expert cloud management solutions. Our services are tailored to meet your unique requirements, leveraging innovative cloud technologies to deliver optimal results.

    Highlights of our managed services include:

    Cost Efficiency:

    Our competitively priced services, complemented by our accelerators, focus on reducing your cloud expenses while enhancing your financial performance.

    Custom Solutions:

     We recognize the distinct cloud needs of different businesses and offer personalized solutions to meet these demands effectively.


    Our services are designed to evolve with your growing business, ensuring you are always prepared for future challenges and opportunities.


    Utilizing our unique online portal and accelerators like SAPAssist and Traverse, we bring dynamic and impactful cloud solutions to your doorstep.

    Cloud Consulting Services

    Our Cloud Consulting Services in Boston provide in-depth expertise for implementing a strategic and successful cloud approach. We guide you through each stage, from initial planning to final implementation, capitalizing on our extensive experience in cloud transformations.

    Distinct features of our consulting services:

    Comprehensive Insights:

    We offer valuable insights that merge detailed information about your business with our cloud expertise, empowering you to make informed decisions.

    Best Practice Recommendations:

    Our team delivers expert advice on best practices and strategies to optimize your cloud journey for efficiency and effectiveness.

    Full-Service Support:

    From the beginning to the end of your cloud journey, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring you receive maximum value without the need for multiple service providers.

    Cloud Migration Services

    As a premier Cloud Migration Service in Boston, we simplify and streamline your transition to the cloud. Our experts, equipped with tools like SAPAssist, facilitate a secure and seamless migration to platforms such as GCP, Azure, AWS, and SAP.

    Our migration services stand out for:

    Expert Advice:

    Our specialists provide detailed guidance throughout the cloud migration process, using their extensive knowledge to ensure a smooth transition.

    Strategic Planning:

    We develop carefully crafted migration plans, aligning with industry best practices for a seamless cloud shift. SAPAssist is instrumental in this process.

    Continuous Enhancement:

    Our ongoing improvements, driven by our tools and expert team, enable you to realize your cloud ambitions and reap the benefits of advanced cloud solutions.

    The DiscoverCloud Difference

    Partnering with DiscoverCloud for your cloud journey in Boston means choosing a path of innovation, extensive experience, and a focus on accelerating business outcomes. Our blend of cloud expertise, exclusive accelerators, and a client-first approach provides distinct advantages for your business:

    Rapid Cloud Insights

    Instant access to cloud insights through our portal and accelerators shorten review times, propelling your business towards innovation and enhanced cloud proficiency.

    Expertise Unmatched

    With our extensive background in migrations, cost management, cloud architecture, and workload strategies, complemented by innovative accelerators, we deliver solutions that are both strategic and effective.

    Holistic Support

    Our end-to-end support streamlines your cloud modernization and migration, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and ensuring a smooth, efficient journey.

    All-Encompassing Services

    Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of the cloud, including CloudOps, DevOps, FinOps, SecOps, and DBOps, empowering you to overcome inefficiencies and seize new cloud opportunities.

    Tailored to Your Business

    We create solutions with your specific business needs in mind, ensuring your cloud transformation is both risk-free and optimized for cost-efficiency.

    Accredited Excellence

    Our certifications from Google, AWS, and ISO, along with partnerships with major cloud providers, attest to our commitment to providing top-tier solutions.

    Global Strength

    As a part of Eficens, a global leader, we bring an added layer of reliability and capability in delivering exceptional cloud services.

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    Frequently asked questions

    DiscoverCloud blends unique accelerators like SAPAssist, Traverse, and Trekora with decades of cloud expertise, equipping businesses in Boston with accelerated cloud insights and bespoke cloud management solutions.

    We tailor solutions for any large or growing business, across sectors. Our services are ideal for Boston businesses looking to capitalize on cloud opportunities while addressing inefficiencies in cloud operations.

    Our accelerators swiftly analyze your cloud setup, assist in strategic migrations, offer workload visualization, and provide cost-saving recommendations, enhancing our managed and consulting services.

    We create detailed migration plans using SAPAssist and our extensive industry knowledge, ensuring a seamless shift to cloud infrastructure.

    Our accelerator Trekora, along with our expert team, examines your cloud spending, offering recommendations for savings and maintaining cost-effective cloud management.

    We offer comprehensive managed services, expert consultations, and efficient migrations, covering all cloud areas including CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, DBOps, and Cloud Financial Management (FinOps).

    Start by signing up on our portal or book an appointment with our team to discuss your specific cloud acceleration needs.

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