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Discover Unmatched Cloud Savings and Efficiency with Expert Guidance from Eficens DiscoverCloud, an AWS Advanced Tier Partner !


Optimize Costs and Lower Risks as You Initiate Your Cloud Migration 


Optimize Costs and Lower Risks as You Initiate Your Cloud Migration 

Stop Overpaying for Cloud Resources!

Experience the future of cloud efficiency with AWS OLA, aligning your resources with your business needs. Explore more about how you can stay ahead of the curve with our cloud optimization expertise.

Efficiently Transition to the Cloud with AWS OLA

Assess and optimize your on-premises and cloud environments by analyzing actual resource utilization, licensing, and application dependencies, with OLA.

Analysis & Optimization

We analyze your resource utilization, licensing usage, and application dependencies to identify optimization opportunities.

Data Collection

Our team securely gathers data using automated tools about your current on-premises and cloud environment with your consent.  

Strategy Development & Implementation

We create a customized migration and licensing strategy, plan the transition to AWS and implement it.

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Why Choose Eficens DiscoverCloud

Proven AWS Expertise


We have a proven track record of success in cloud migration and optimization projects. Our team holds the highest level of AWS certifications, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and expert advice.

Experience You Can Trust


Our team has extensive experience in helping businesses of all sizes transition to the cloud and achieve significant cost savings and performance improvements. 

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions


Beyond the OLA, we offer a range of complementary cloud services, including cloud migration planning, architecture design, ongoing management, and security solutions. 

Tailored Strategies for Your Business Needs


We offer tailored strategies designed to address your specific requirements and goals, ensuring maximum value and efficiency from your AWS investment. 

Comprehensive Support


From initial assessment to implementation and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive assistance at every step of your cloud journey, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success. 


Punit Shetty

CIO, Appleton Partners

“Partnering with Eficens DiscoverCloud was a game-changer for us. Their expertise in AWS migration and deep understanding of our industry’s compliance requirements ensured a smooth transition from Windows Server 2008 to newer versions on AWS. This migration has not only mitigated our security risks but also positioned us for future growth. We highly recommend Eficens DiscoverCloud for their exceptional service and technical prowess.”

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Rightsized Resources

Running on cloud doesn’t automatically make a business agile. True agility involves adjusting hardware, software, and licenses intelligently to match fluctuating workloads. OLA helps you identify time- and cost-saving opportunities and accurately provision your third-party licenses, ensuring you never pay more than necessary.

License Flexibility

We intelligently evaluate your current license agreements and facilitate their transition into your future environment using BYOL and Services Provider Licensing Agreements (SPLA). By modeling various licensing scenarios involving license-included or BYOL instances, AWS OLA helps you prevent unnecessary licensing expenses.

Reduced Cost

Gain clarity on license and consumption costs within AWS to reduce and avoid expenses during your migration. Utilize AWS OLA recommendations to maximize value and configure instances to require fewer licenses. Adapt your on-premises licensing strategy for a seamless cloud migration.

Expert Guidance

At Eficens DiscoverCloud, we serve as your strategic advisor to accelerate cloud adoption, reduce costs, enhance agility, and improve security. Our team of cloud migration and optimization specialists guide you towards cost savings by optimizing workloads and right-sizing resources on AWS instances.