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Revitalize and turbocharge your Atlanta-centric business with DiscoverCloud’s unique accelerators, managed services, and cloud consulting.

    Unearth Revolutionary Cloud managed services in Atlanta

    DiscoverCloud, a high-flyer in the cloud technology landscape, prides itself in crafting custom-tailored Cloud Services in Atlanta. Engineered to power your business’s digital transformation and innovation journey, our packages and instruments ensure all your cloud endeavors stay cost-effective, scalable, and sleek.

    Explore our Holistic Cloud Solutions

    Whether you need cloud-managed services, cloud consultations, or migration services, we safeguard all facets of your cloud playground, empowering you to fully command the power of the cloud to fuel growth and efficiency.

    Atlanta Cloud Managed Services

    DiscoverCloud’s Cloud Managed Services arm firms with top-tier expertise for a seamless and robust cloud administration. Our proficient team meticulously scrutinizes your distinctive business needs and employs state-of-the-art cloud technology to offer personalized Cloud Managed Services in Atlanta that augment your investments.

    Why our managed services shine bright:

    Highly Economical:

    Our budget-friendly managed services, reinforced by our complimentary accelerators, aim to optimize your cloud expenditure and significantly boost your net revenues.

    Customized to Your Needs:

    Your business has unique needs in the cloud realm. We partner with you to comprehend these requirements and devise solutions to meet them effectively.

    Scalable Toolbox:

     Our services are curated to evolve alongside your business, ensuring you stay at the forefront while being poised to seize new opportunities as they emerge.

    Trailblazing Approaches:

    Innovation is engrained in DiscoverCloud's ethos. We leverage our one-of-a-kind online portal and proprietary accelerators like SAPAssist, Traverse, and Trekora, to extend business-transforming cloud solutions.

    Cloud Consulting Services

    DiscoverCloud presents Cloud Consulting Services in Atlanta to furnish firms with a deep well of knowledge on architecting triumph-worthy cloud stratagem. Our expert consultants walk you through the planning phase right into execution, flexing their vast firsthand experience in masterminding successful cloud metamorphoses and modernizations.

    Our consulting services set the pace with:

    Invaluable Insights:

    Our team presents precious viewpoints by marrying vital business intelligence unearthed by the accelerators with profound cloud mastery, positioning you to make savvy decisions.

    Advice on Best Practices:

    We dispense professional suggestions on best practices and tactics to expedite your cloud journey, while ensuring it's smooth sailing and efficient.

    All-Inclusive Assistance:

     We have your back throughout your cloud odyssey, guaranteeing maximum value and peace of mind for you to concentrate on your core business aims.

    Cloud Migration Services

    As a foremost Cloud Migration Service in Atlanta, we make the process of ushering your business onto the cloud a cakewalk. Whether it’s GCP, Azure, AWS, or SAP migrations, our seasoned mavens leverage proprietary accelerators such as SAPAssist to usher in secure and efficient adaptations.

    What makes our migration services exceptional:

    Guidance from the Pros:

    Our squad of specialists navigates you through the puzzles of cloud migration, utilizing their in-depth industry knowledge to orchestrate a smooth transition.

    Strategic Blueprints:

    We finesse thoroughly curated migration plans aligning with SAP and AWS best practices for seamless cloud passages. Our accelerator, SAPAssist, makes this process swift and hassle-free.

    Continual Progress:

    With continual enhancements led by our toolset and adept team, you're empowered to materialize your cloud solutions and reap the rewards of becoming a cloud conqueror.

    The DiscoverCloud Advantage

    When you ally with DiscoverCloud for your cloud expedition, you select a partnership embedded in innovation, vast acumen, and a solitary focus on propelling business outcomes. We utilize our unique mix of cloud modernization know-how, proprietary accelerators, and custom-centric values to deliver unparalleled gains to your business. Here are the exclusive benefits you unlock with DiscoverCloud:

    Business-Focused Solutions

    We architect our solutions with your business blueprint in mind, promising your cloud metamorphosis journey is free from hazards and your systems are primed for cost-efficiency.

    Second-to-None Expertise

    Our treasure trove of experience in migrations, cost-efficiency, cloud architecture analysis, and workload planning, complimented by our game-changing accelerators, equip us to deal strategic and practical solutions.

    Fast-track Cloud Insights

    With our standalone portal and without-cost proprietary accelerators, you get instant clarity into your cloud ecosystem without lingering review cycles, propelling you towards innovation and enhancing cloud proficiency.

    A-Z Cloud Services

    With our broad spectrum of services spanning CloudOps, DevOps, FinOps, SecOps, and DBOps, we bolster businesses to solve any cloud inefficiencies and capitalize on new opportunities.

    End-to-End Backing

    From the drawing board to execution, we offer unwavering support, guaranteeing a smooth, effective transition to the cloud realm; doing away with the need for multiple vendors.

    Certified Trajectory of Success

    Our esteemed certifications from Google, AWS, and ISO bear testimony to our allegiance to render top-drawer solutions. Our strategic relationships with leading cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure further enrich this.

    Backed by a Global Powerhouse

    Being a division of Eficens, a substantial global corporation, injects an additional layer of assurance and capacity in delivering first-class cloud services to speed up your cloud expedition.

    Are you set to experience these advantages firsthand?

    Frequently asked questions

    DiscoverCloud tailor-makes solutions for any large or burgeoning businesses, irrespective of the industry. Our services are the perfect match for growing businesses in Atlanta looking to tap into cloud opportunities while rectifying inefficiencies in their cloud operations.

    At DiscoverCloud, we merge unique accelerators (SAPAssist, Traverse, and Trekora) with a deep well of cloud expertise to empower businesses in Atlanta with fast-tracked cloud insights and bespoke cloud management solutions

    Our proprietary accelerators offer rapid visuals into your cloud configuration, aid in strategic SAP and AWS migrations, provide workload discovery and visualization, and present cost-saving suggestions. These are the engines that drive our managed and consulting services.

    Our proprietary accelerator, Trekora, works in close collaboration with our experts, to dissect your cloud expenditure, provides money-saving suggestions, and manages your cloud to remain cost-efficient.

    Our team crafts a thorough migration plan leveraging SAPAssist and our extensive practical knowledge. This strategic method warrants a successful transition from your current setup to the dusk of cloud infrastructure.

    Our offerings are comprehensive, covering end-to-end managed services, expert consultation, and efficient migrations. We cover all cloud areas including CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, DBOps, and Cloud Financial Management operations (FinOps).

    The easiest way is to sign up on our portal! You can alternatively book a session with our team to discuss your specific needs and expedite your cloud progression.

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